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Tel -Aviv University certified coach, MA in Gender studies, I offer one-on-one sessions to discuss and work through your infant feeding experience. From your infant feeding plan through your infant feeding reality, I'll be there offering support and guidance, so you don't lose sight of what's important - you and your baby

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M.Other's Circles

Have a regular mommy group you meet with while on maternity leave? Looking for some content that you and your sisterhood can share and discuss? I'm happy to join you in a facilitated M.Other circle session and together explore M.Otherhood.You and your baby. 

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"When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending." - Brené Brown

Share your story, own it and determine your narrative. There are many ways to share your story. You can use the written word (with or without our guiding questions), be interviewed for the podcast, or if you're local, be a guest on our vlog. 

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