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Danene's Story


I had a huge oversupply and my baby just couldn’t handle it. He would choke while eating.

He would spit up 7-8 times in between feeds and projectile vomit occasionally, would burp and pass gas constantly. His stomach was literally hard all the time and he was always fussy.

I tried all the things that were suggested to me and nothing seemed to work unless I let him scream for 5 minutes before every feed while I expressed, which was very hard and unrealistic. Finally last week I woke up and fed him, watch him struggle through eating and pain afterwards and I decide I was done.

I wasn’t going to watch him suffer anymore, so I switched cold turkey.

I’m so happy to say he loves formula and bottles, and even smiled at me while feeding. He is so content while eating now and seems to really enjoy it. He also is a completely different baby! He’s so much happier and only spits up 1-2 times after eating now with minimal burps and gas.

The only thing I regret is not switching sooner.

I’ve received a little push from family that I should be breastfeeding, but seeing him happy and content keeps me confident I made the right choice.

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