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Deidra's Story

#MyStory #Breastfeeding #Formula

My story began when my son was born in 2000.

I was adamant about breastfeeding even though I had some close family members who did not support my decision.

Things did not start well as my nipples are small and my son had trouble latching on. I was encouraged to use a nipple shield which worked great even though he wouldn't nurse without it.

I didn't have any trouble producing milk until I went back to work and was stressed. My milk production was lacking, but I refused to give my son formula (I'm stubborn that way!) so while he was gaining weight (but not at the best rate) and his health was fine, I probably should have supplemented him with formula to make sure he was getting everything he needed.

He is now a healthy 19 year old and has never had any serious health issues, but I will always wonder if I should have.

My daughter was born in 2002 and within a day of coming home from the hospital i was put on an antibiotic that forced me to pump and dump my milk for 48 hours. I had no issue giving her formula to make sure she had proper nutrition until i could nurse her again.

I hope every mother feels comfortable with her decision no matter what it is!
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