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Elisheva's Story

#MyStory #Breastfeeding

I’ve been pregnant or nursing or both for over seven years.

I have three wonderful children and another one ‘in the oven’. I gladly nursed all of these adorable creatures for almost two years each. I obviously love babies and nursing these sweet growing babies. But I was at a loss and couldn’t think of a story I could share with other women about the wonderful experience I had breastfeeding. For me, it all seemed so natural and perfect, what can I say?

It is a pleasing sensation in my opinion, it is the perfect nourishment for growing babies, it is an amazing bonding experience and I was happy to have a perfect excuse to sit down at the end of the day and snuggle and nurse with a delicious little monster while my love, their father, washed the dishes.

Luckily I didn’t feel oppressed, tied down or restricted and I personally didn’t really have the urge to go anywhere else.

One night I woke up to nurse my then 4 month old baby. While holding him in my arms and nursing him I felt his body and had a deep realization. The cells of this almost six kilo, living, breathing bundle of joy was made up of cells from my body. He was in my womb for nine months growing and being nourished through the umbilical cord directly from my blood. Once born this continued and for those first four months he exclusively breastfed. So nearly every cell in his body came from my body. I was suddenly blown away by this.



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