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Breastfeeding can be very challenging, and isn't the best option for all moms and infants.

I had a very tough experience with breastfeeding for my daughter, who did not have a good latch and could not nurse efficiently. Multiple visits with lactation consultants, ENTs for tongue tie checks, and the pediatrician for weight checks did no good.

I nursed a bit but mostly pumped for about 5 months, until I discovered the joy and wonder of formula , which is, these days, an unsung hero of female liberation.

I can't say anything better on this subject than Hana Rosin does in her incredible piece, The Case Against Breastfeeding. Amen to everything she says, and bravo to her for giving a voice to so many women who have struggled with breastfeeding (and the social pressure to do it).

In contrast, I had a very positive breastfeeding experience with my sons. Both were able to nurse efficiently, and breastfeeding was comfortable and easy. It wasn't always convenient (and pumping during work hours was NEVER convenient), but it was a nice experience overall.

In fact, I still nurse my 14 month old in the mornings and evenings because he and I are still enjoying it, and I relish these last days of my last child snuggling close.



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